Monday, 21 November 2011

Black and White Wedding Theme

If you're undecided on your colour choices for your wedding theme, then you can't go wrong with black and white.  It's a simple classic combination and one where you don't really need to worry about shades or items not coordinating.

What's great about this colour scheme is that you could also add a shot of another colour without it being too over the top.  Additional bold colours work well such as orange, teal, red and emerald green.  Just a splash here and there will make a huge impact.

A black and white wedding theme also allows the bride to wear an alternative colour wedding dress and really stand out.

I've created a collection of black and white handmade wedding accessories and decorations, here's a small selection but all my choices can be seen here: Black and white wedding theme.
Source: via Kerrie on Pinterest

Source: via Kerrie on Pinterest

Source: via Kerrie on Pinterest

Let me know what you think, and you can always visit my etsy store here: Handmade Bridal Accessories.

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