Monday, 31 October 2011

Handmade Weddings - The Pros and Cons

Whether you've decided to pledge to have a totally handmade wedding or you just prefer the designs of handmade things there are pro and cons to having handmade items.

Lets start with the pros after all these are probably some of the reasons you've chosen to go down the handmade route.

  • Supporting the artists and creators that have designed and built your wedding items by hand.
  • Supporting small businesses within your own country
  • The ability to have items custom made or the design changed to suit your individual tastes

There are cons too, but how they impact you will depend on your outlook on life and your wedding budget

  • Handmade items tend to be more expensive, this is because of the labour involved in making the items
  • A high price doesn't always indicate quality so check around and ask previous customers
There are a number of things you can make yourself, many brides make their own invitations and favours.  Some are talented enough to sew their own wedding dresses and thats something I could never hope to achieve (if I was to have my wedding again).  But if you do chose to handmade some things yourself make sure that you have the correct tools, are happy with the design before you begin and are confident in your abilities.  Otherwise you might find that you spend 20 hours making wedding invitations only to be disappointed with the results.

Sunday, 30 October 2011


I thought I would create a blog for handmade wedding ideas as I'm part of a team on Etsy that deal with handmade wedding accessories.  Now there's nothing wrong with mass produced stuff if that's the way you want to go.  But if you want your wedding to be different, then you've got two options.  Use mass produced items cleverly and think outside of the box or choose unique quality handmade items.

My plan for this blog is to bring you ideas for your own weddings as well as creators of products that you might be interested in.  The beauty of a handmade wedding is there will be some thing you can hand make yourself and I'll have tutorials and tips to help you do that.

You may wonder what makes me knowledgeable about weddings, like most who own a wedding related blog I've planned my own wedding, but I also own a company called Wedding And Gems where I make bridal accessories and have dealt with hundreds of brides.