Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Advantages of choosing handmade Wedding Tiaras

My background is designing bridal accessories such as tiaras and wedding jewellery so it stands to reason that at some point I'll sneak a few blog posts in about handmade bridal accessories. This one focuses on the advantages of handmade wedding tiaras and the difference between these and manufactured ones.....

When you choose your wedding tiara you've got 2 options, you either chose something that was machine manufactured and often imported or a handmade tiara by a specialist.

Manufactured tiaras tend to be cheaper as they are mass produced and churned out quickly. 

Handmade tiaras tend to be a little more expensive because each one is made by an individual without the use of machinery.

However the main advantage of choosing a handmade one is that you can ask for what every you want. If you prefer another metal colour, ask, if you want to use another colour of crystals, ask, if the pearls are the shade you were looking for, just ask. A good tiara designer will be happy to work with you so you get the tiara that you really want. Something that's to your specification and your budget

Each handmade tiara is unique as even though they may have made the same tiara before human nature makes it impossible for a exact replica to be made by hand.

If you're looking for a bespoke wedding tiara, one created totally to your specifications than head over to my etsy store and click on the link for the "request custom item" (its half way down the left hand navigation bar).

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