Monday, 9 January 2012

Making your own crystal hair accessories

If you want to save yourself a bit of cash for fancy creating something handmade for your wedding then crystal hair accessories are pretty easy to do with some practice and the right tools.

The tools you will need are wire cutters and needle nose pliers, both available from a craft shop, but if your considering taking up making jewellery as a hobby you might want to buy these in a set.

You'll also need hair grip or pins, metal wire in 0.4mm gauge and crystals that you want to use.

First cut yourself a piece of wire roughly 20cm in length, the longer wire gives you something to grab hold of. Thread the wire between through the gap in the hair grip or pin and wrap it around the top of it at the bend and pull it tight. Wrap at least 3 times. Once the wire is wrapped securely, thread on your crystal and wrap the wire again around the grip another 3 times. Pull this tight, then cut the wire with the wire cutters close as possible to the hair grip. Flatten the cut end of the wire against the hair grip using the needle nose pliers, to complete your crystal hair grip. Repeat for the number of grips that you need.

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